Vail Daily letter: Skiing uncertainties |

Vail Daily letter: Skiing uncertainties

Who cares if I am a Millennial, X or Y generation, or Baby Boomer (“Ski industry experts ponder business uncertainties,” Jan. 29). I am a senior citizen! However, those of us who live in Broomfield, two hours away, and make millions of dollars a year, have no idea what is happening in the real world. When they “brag” about having the highest priced ski ticket in the industry, is it no wonder that there are “uncertainties.” When young children are taking up less costly sports like soccer, karate, etc., is it no wonder there are uncertainties?

When the U.S. government is placing “Robin Hood” taxes on the rich, no wonder there are uncertainties! When a ski instructor gets only $75 out of $850 from an all day private lesson, no wonder there are uncertainties!

I believe the golf industry is also suffering from the same sort of uncertainties. Granted, skiing and golf might be “upper class”sports, but I believe the industry is pricing themselves out of the market. We seniors, several years ago, were told by industry that we could afford these sports. And the proof of it was that we were bringing our children and grandchildren.

Perhaps the bloom on the rose might be coming to an end.

Toby Mower

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