Vail Daily letter: Smells like a bailout |

Vail Daily letter: Smells like a bailout

Mr. Rogers,

When I first heard about the land swap idea, I thought it was a joke. Now that it seems to continue to show up in your paper I feel I must share my feelings since you shared your feelings with all of us. It is not the public’s duty to save the Battle Mountain developers with a land swap no matter what we are “offered” in return. Battle Mountain runs “high” well then I am sure the new owners will enjoy the view. As for giving up an easily accessible Meadow Mountain where you tell me nothing will change, I am hard pressed to see it that way since there will be homes across its face instead of trees and green and those folks (those older and able to afford it) sure are not going to be excited about me walking over their backyards. The land swap idea at this late date and in these uncertain economic times sure smells like the developer hoping to get bailed out after pursuing the wrong mountain real estate all these many years.

Ray Cheesman

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