Vail Daily letter: Smith for fire board |

Vail Daily letter: Smith for fire board

I am running for a seat on the board of the Eagle River Fire Protection District. I believe my past experience on the Eagle County Paramedic Services board, the Vail Mountain Rescue board and the Salvation Army board more than qualify me for that position. While I have no experience with putting out fires, that is really not the role of the board. That role truly belongs to the professional firefighters.

The role of the board is to manage the politics, policies and funds of the district. Part of that role is to balance the needs of the employees who do the firefighting with the needs of the taxpayers who provide the money. Striking that balance requires a truly independent voice which I believe I can provide. My time as chairman of the Eagle County Paramedic Services Board during the consolidation of the two ambulance districts in the county shows I have the ability to find a middle ground between different views.

In coming years the Eagle River Fire Protection District will be faced with a number of decisions of critical importance to its residents — replacement of aging infrastructure and maintenance of a high quality employee base to name just two. As an independent member of the board, I believe I can best represent your interests.

I would appreciate your vote on May 6.

Dan Smith

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