Vail Daily letter: Smith Hymes for council |

Vail Daily letter: Smith Hymes for council

I am not a resident of Avon, but if I lived in Avon I would certainly cast my vote for Sarah Smith Hymes for Avon Town Council.

Sarah has lived in the valley for 21 years with her husband and sons. I have personally known Sarah for 15 years. She is a committed, intelligent business woman. She cares deeply about this community and wants to move it forward on the right path. Among other things, I know Sarah wants to forge a distinct Avon identity through creative special events and innovative educational and cultural programs. She sees that Avon needs to balance between being a unique mountain community and driving economic development. Sarah is a critical thinker who will research issues and carefully decide how to best serve the residents of this community.

Please vote for Sarah if you live in Avon. Sarah Smith Hymes is the right choice for Avon Town Council.

Sue Lathrop

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