Vail Daily letter: Smoke marijuana to support schools |

Vail Daily letter: Smoke marijuana to support schools

Be advised that this letter contains humor, sarcasm and truth. I will let each reader figure it out.

I’ll start easy with three facts. One: Proposition AA passed overwhelmingly. Two: Proposition AA requires that the first $40 million per year from taxing marijuana will go towards helping to build schools and fix schools in Colorado. Public school capital construction. Three: Schools will be built with drug money.

Support your schools, smoke dope.

How does a teacher tell kids drugs are bad for you, but oh wait, if people use drugs we can get a new school? Sounds to the kids like using drugs will benefit them. How can D.A.R.E. go into a school and tell kids not to do drugs anymore? Schools will need to create consumers. Teaching kids to not use drugs could lead to them not using drugs when they grow up, which leads to no consumers of marijuana, which leads to no $40 million in marijuana tax revenue to build or remodel schools every year.

See the dilemma here. So maybe schools should start teaching cooking classes — as in marijuana brownies — or how about art classes for the making of pipes and bongs, or a gardening class on cultivating and growing marijuana. This could really put the fun in fundraising.

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How about a marijuana bake sale? Schools can double dip. Make money from the bake sale and get the tax revenue from making the baked items with marijuana. Bet you cannot wait for marijuana with mint Girl Scout cookies.

If kids start smoking dope in school then the cafeteria would make more money because the kids would get the munchies and eat more, plus they would help get to the $40 million in tax revenue for schools.

Teachers should be supporting marijuana use because then more schools could be built or remodeled. Teachers that refuse to support the use of marijuana must be against a better future for our kids. This could really be a win-win. Happy dope-smoking students and dope-smoking, relaxed teachers equals new schools.

Closing on a serious note: Kids and teachers do not use drugs. I just found the irony, double standards, hypocrisy of Proposition AA funny. Funny is the only way I can describe that schools will benefit from the selling and use of marijuana. Schools teach our kids that drugs are bad for them. But if you use marijuana, then you can have new schools.

I’ll leave you with one more question, Can the federal government DEA confiscate or seize schools built with drug money? Currently cars, jewelry, money, buildings, homes, etc., obtained with drug money can be seized by the DEA. Makes you wonder? Go to

Frank Lorenti


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