Vail Daily letter: Soccer team not needed |

Vail Daily letter: Soccer team not needed

For the past two years I have been playing soccer for the Battle Mountain Soccer Team even though I attend Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy. The academy does not have a soccer team, yet Battle Mountain is a serious competitive soccer team and gives athletes attending Battle Mountain and the academy a serious chance to play soccer at such a high level. There has been talk around the academy mentioning the creation of a soccer team for our school. If the academy were to have a soccer team, the school would be in a very low division that wouldn’t allow athletes to play soccer at high level, unlike Battle Mountain.

I think that the academy should not create a soccer team. Battle Mountain had over 70 students try out for a spot on the Battle Mountain soccer team this year. Being defending state champions, Battle Mountain made it to quarterfinals in this year’s state tournament. Battle Mountain is known for their soccer after being league champions four years in a row. The academy currently has seven people in the entire school that play soccer. In order to have a soccer team, you must have at least 11 people on your roster and our school wouldn’t qualify. Everyone who goes to the academy is a competitive skier, which involves traveling a lot. Most of the students that attend the academy are gone during soccer season.

If the academy creates a soccer team, then kids that have a passion for soccer and are attending the academy won’t have a chance to play soccer at a high level. The soccer team should not be created because athletes want to play soccer at Battle Mountain, where it is more serious.

Aaron Milligan


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