Vail Daily letter: Social media untrustworthy |

Vail Daily letter: Social media untrustworthy

Internet social media has turned the basic premise of democratic justice on its head. “Innocent until proven guilty” is now “guilty until proven


Not long ago people could believe what they read in newspapers and magazines because professional journalists with ethical standards were doing the writing.

Now anyone can get a “review” printed on a social media website. The writer is not vetted, the subject matter is not researched. The web hosts usually don’t even read what they print.

As a result the writer, for whatever reason, can seriously damage a person or a business with relative impunity.

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This is what happened recently with Red Hill Preschool. The proprietor. Anne Helene, was attacked by a vindictive girl in a libelous manner that might eventually result in a court case, but meanwhile one of the most respected and responsible preschool operators in Eagle County has to “prove her worth.”

Roger Brown


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