Vail Daily letter: Solar tax credits questions |

Vail Daily letter: Solar tax credits questions

I applaud the county commissioners for their foresight in increasing the amount of solar power they are installing. I wish we could install rooftop solar systems on some of our schools. I think math and science teachers could use the systems to teach students many important ideas. One of the problems I am always reminded of when I ask people in the industry about putting solar on schools is that school districts cannot use the tax credits available. Did the county find a way to take advantage of the tax credits? Would a third party (business or individual investor) need to own the solar system in order to take advantage of the tax credits? Could this third party be a co-op? A white knight investor? I proposed these questions one afternoon to a few people at NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab) in Golden. I was given some suggestions of organizations to contact if I wanted to attempt to put solar panels on schools — COSEIA (Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association), DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency), etc. Although this has been done in the US, they did not think it had been done in Colorado. Before I put more time or effort into researching this idea, I would like to talk with someone from Eagle County, or the school district, to find out if this research has already been done, and if there is a desire to accomplish this.

Bill Lindsay

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