Vail Daily letter: Solomon for Eagle board |

Vail Daily letter: Solomon for Eagle board

To the people of Eagle regarding the Town Board election:

I have lived in Eagle for 38 years and spent 10 years on the Town of Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission. The town had a pretty good Board of Trustees back then. Well, some things just went downhill and it is in need of recovery. I understand that there are some new staff people making hits, trying to rectify, and move on. Kudos. Now we add the bosses.

A new board can help clarify and direct. Fresh ideas, communication between departments, balance and reduce budget, transparency. The people of Eagle deserve to be led by the best and those who want to make Eagle a place to be from, not just go to.

There are some very good people willing to do just that. Among them, a man I have come to know and trust, Matt Solomon.

Darryl Lundholm


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