Vail Daily letter: Some questions |

Vail Daily letter: Some questions


My wife, Jeanette, and I own a condo at Canyon Run. We spend roughly 10 weeks a year, off and on, there, but our primary residence is Houston. We have always assumed that since our official residence was Houston we couldn’t vote in Avon town elections, much less serve on the council. We have recently learned that two council members live outside of Avon, Mr. Evans in Vail and Mr. Goulding in Edwards. We have a few questions and would really appreciate answers from the council, town manager or town attorney:

1. By virtue of the fact that we own a home in Avon, are we allowed to vote in Avon town elections?

2. Would either of us be able to legally run for election to the Avon Town Council?

3. Are Evans and Goulding allowed to vote in Avon town elections, even though they don’t reside in Avon?

4. In a recent press release, the town stated that the Avon Municipal Code allowed Evans and Goulding to serve on the Town Council, even though their primary residence was not in Avon. If the answer to No. 2 above is “no,” then could you please explain how our situation differs from that of Evans and Goulding?

P.S. During my career, if I had ever served on a board, council, etc., with my boss, I would never have been stupid enough to vote against him.

Tom Hix

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