Vail Daily letter: Some things change … |

Vail Daily letter: Some things change …

As an Eagle County native, it’s always heartwarming to make a trip to the mountains during the holidays. However, I’ve waited enough tables to know that this can be a taxing time of year for locals. And even though I only moved a short time ago, it’s startling to see how many things change. No more Vista Bahn and a high-tech Chair 4. Even Vendetta’s is getting a face lift. But even as tourists (like myself, now!) pour in, old friends move on to new places, and big changes happen, there are some things that, thankfully, always stay the same. You can count on a cheerful, “Morning, Governor!” from Ollie and the best huevos rancheros in the country at Route 6 Cafe. You’re bound to see someone you know at the post office or the grocery store. Everybody owns a dog and almost nobody dresses beyond a nice pair of jeans.

Best of all, you can count on our beautiful mountains — sentinels of the West, reminding all of us why we support this place. Thanks to everyone for maintaining the best while moving forward. Stay classy, Eagle County.

Amy C. Ellis


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