Vail Daily letter: Something different |

Vail Daily letter: Something different

Some of you may remember the famous lead-in line from the Monty Python series: ”And now for something completely different.” It seems Hollywood knows more about picking presidential candidates and possibly the presidential winner than all the political talking heads. Consider many believed Donald Trump was a flash in the pan who would never release his financials and would “flame out” following the great Fox News debate. Well if they had taken the time to view the 2007 release film of “Man of the Year,” starring Robin Williams, they might have thought otherwise.

In the film it was “all there”:

• A well known celebrity (played by Williams) decides to become a candidate for president — that’s Donald Trump today

• The candidate gets huge crowds — Donald Trump

• The candidate decides to run as an independent — Donald Trump did just this for the 2000 election and may well do again if the RNC, Fox News and well-funded super PACs keep trying to “do him in.”

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• The candidate has an effective way to deflect emotional wedge issues, such as same sex marriage, where he says something like “talk to any one man, one woman couple after five years of marriage and they will tell you about the same sex.” Mr. Trump has his own way to deflect issues — sometimes dismissing the questioner when they are out of order

• The candidate gets more votes than were cast due to a computer voting machine glitch that he was not aware of until after the election — remember there were questions about computer voting machine integrity in the 2012 election when it was revealed a financial connection between the GOP candidate and the manufacturer of computer voting machines that were used in several key states. Hence could the issue of computer voting machine integrity pop up again in 2016?

So Hollywood frequently is ahead of the curve on what is to come. My own opinion — as member of a long-standing Republican family who is trying to find a electable and qualified candidate — Donald Trump possibly is a viable candidate in the long run. He has a willingness to challenge politically correctness, coupled with his insight into the art of negotiations and what it takes to create jobs. But he has to focus more on these issues rather than only on his simplistic, inhumane and likely illegal solutions for immigration. And there is a lot of time to sort out all the candidates and their positions.

Paul Rondeau


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