Vail Daily letter: Something is burning |

Vail Daily letter: Something is burning

I smell something. Something is burning. A drought is a drought; fires are fire; and weather is weather.

According to the radicalized Republican Party, “None are related to the climate crisis.” Not even a snowball’s chance in hell?! Didn’t a Republican senator throw a snowball in the hollowed halls of Congress recently?

The fires in Alaska, Canada and in the Northwest burn hotter, faster and are more difficult to contain. According to more than one incident commander on the front lines of these fires and news reports, “wildland fires are threatening more human lives and communities.” They are costing all of us billions of dollars to fight. Yet, nothing is being said about the threat to wild creatures that live in the forests, the fish habitat in rivers clogged with sediment from the fires, and the lakes that are acidified by ash fallout.

Ah, the smoke is starting to settle.

In Colorado, we are seeing some traces of smoke creeping into our skies along the Front Range and high mountains. But it is not obvious in our everyday news outlets this is happening and is having a significant impact on or caused by the global climate crisis. We have millions of acres of beetle kill pines littering our forests. When will our fire season kick in this year or next?

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2014 was the hottest year ever recorded in human history. 2015 is set to be the next hottest.

Robert Castellino

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