Vail Daily letter: Something to consider |

Vail Daily letter: Something to consider

Mr. Denny Geraghty — read your letter for Tuesday’s Daily. Don’t normally respond like this, but just want to say something for your consideration. President Bush (“W,” as you put it) was commander-in-chief when evil men took my airplane (I’m a retired airline captain — 767s) and drove it into those magnificent buildings in Manhattan. Their evil not finished, they drove my airplane (with my best friend on board) into our nation’s Pentagon. Oh, and don’t ever forget those heroes in the Pennsylvania field. Do you know how many women and children those monsters killed? Did you know anybody killed personally? I promise you, even though I was 60-something, I would have been first in line to avenge that evil, if I was allowed. Would you, sir?

I was a pilot in the Vietnam air war (1964-1967). I believe to this day that we had to take a stand against Communism in that contested region. Were you there? Don’t ever forget we (military) won that war — Congress gave it away.

Yes sir, there are issues that separate us, but thank God that we live in a place that we can talk like this — and not get beheaded!

Oh, I’m a little confused by your reference to the national debt. I think in April of 2014 the amount was $17.5 trillion. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, we still spend too much money that we don’t have. I sure hope those “Republicans” (United States Congress) do not decide to give those poor children on the border $26,000 each! If so, half the world’s kids would be at our doorstep.

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Robert Ponti

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