Vail Daily letter: Sport and peace |

Vail Daily letter: Sport and peace

You had to be there and hear our all-American public cheer the Russian racer Alexander Khoroshilov as he came down the first run of the slalom course.

We stomped, yelled and rang our cowbells as loud as we could — as loud as for our own racers. It is said that the racers do hear the crowd and go all out — he did, coming in second place after the first run.

The Russian fans unfurled the Mother Russia banner. We had not seen it before, a large eagle and a horse rider. Then the snowstorm worsened, but we kept on cheering everyone.

The Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Grange took gold; Alexander came close behind, but out of the medals.

The Mother Russia banner hung limp, held only by one fan, so our French fan took it up on the other side and stretched it across, all 5 feet of it. Everyone straightened up. A gorgeous Russian girl picked up her flag; she and the French man crossed their flags.

Eurosport had noticed the hoopla and came up from the slope-side media center, saying it will be on in Moscow tonight.

Yes, a good time was had by all; we can all be proud.

Thank you, Vail and Beaver Creek.

AnneMarie Mueller


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