Vail Daily letter: Spring Back was a wonderful event |

Vail Daily letter: Spring Back was a wonderful event

With some of the negative comments about the Ford Park concert, I thought I would see for myself what the controversy was all about.

I attended the final concert of Spring Back to Vail on Sunday evening.

I don’t know what the letter-writing lady from Eagle saw that I didn’t see. I only saw a few people smoking here and there and caught a whiff of pot once in a while. Although people think it’s legal, they don’t know it’s illegal to smoke in public. They were smoking during reggae concerts when it was illegal. I attended the Ziggy Marley concert at Red Rocks in 1989 — the whiff of grass was all over the place!

What I really did see on Sunday was thousands of people having a good time. Some may have slept in cars, but a lot of them stayed overnight in hotels, went to dine in our restaurants, shop in our stores and generally enjoyed being in Vail.

It reminded me of College Weeks in Bermuda. Sure the kids were up to some crazy pranks (like getting a horse to the fifth floor of hotel), but believe me, most of them returned on their honeymoon and for years after with their families.

Jenn Bruno is absolutely right — these concertgoers will be our future guests.

Thank you Vail Resorts, Highline Events and town of Vail for making Spring Back to Vail such a wonderful event.

Joe Staufer


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