Vail Daily letter: Standing tall |

Vail Daily letter: Standing tall

It is refreshing to read that one of our own is standing up to his grievous actions. Grievous because a life was taken. Few would have the guts, and I mean guts in capital letters, to acknowledge their actions and be willing to shoulder the penalty thereof. My hat is off and I salute Hugo Castillo Marquez.

Let’s assume that Mr. Castillo Marquez receives a four-year prison sentence. Everyone my age can attest as to how four years will go very fast. Moreover, we can assume that Mr. Hugo Castillo Marquez will be incarcerated in a minimum-security facility. So what then? There may be several options.

• He can pursue a college education. College courses taken in prison are a great way to work towards the future. Upon fulfillment of his sentence, he can then complete his degree work at Colorado State University or the University of Colorado.

• He might be able to receive compensatory time if serving in a military service. The Marines could use a good man who stands tall.

• He could learn a trade, such as a carpenter, electrician, etc. (By the way, the kitchen cabinets and vanities that are used in the Habitat homes are made in the Colorado prison system.)

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The key to a fast passing of the years is to keep busy. Hugo Castillo Marquez has already shown that he has been a very active person.

Let us as a community be supportive of Mr. Hugo Castillo Marquez as he stands tall.

Earl Glenwright

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