Vail Daily letter: Stark contrast |

Vail Daily letter: Stark contrast

Pogo, I think it was, who once said, where you stand depends on where you sit. Mr. Erickson’s (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 19) spirited indictment of Mrs. Clinton for what he believes is “lying,” and superficial defense of Bush and Cheney for invading Iraq and starting the national and now international nightmare we find ourselves devoting our nation’s time, talent and treasure to bears a response.

I can see now through his eyes why he and those who may agree with him vilify this woman who has withstood her detractors and doggedly continues to devote her entire professional career to people and issues greater than herself, never mind the Republican witch hunts and the unwillingness of any other than partisan officials to indict her. Why should she bother, we may well ask.

Her current opponent, on the other hand, has devoted his entire career to himself. And therein lies the difference. I am sure I can’t convince Mr. Erickson that Mrs. Clinton is anything other than a lying, thieving, cheating politico who stands above the law and cares little for the lives of others, despite the facts. He obviously admires her opponent, and I suspect, in part, because he has learned to use the law to twist his aims to his purposes regardless of who he has harmed in the process.

I would leave him and those who agree with him with this thought. If you think that it’s better to have an upper class version of Archie Bunker in the White House (and, no offense to Archie; he was at least pretty level-headed) than the person they think is Lady Macbeth, then I guess the GOPer is your man. But, I think there’s more here than meets the eye. I smile when I think back to the presidential election of 2000 which we all thought was one of the most important in our history. Turns out it was. Now, I realize they’re all important and this current one certainly as important as any if only because these candidates draw such stark contrast to what we decide should be our one national goal. In this election we have chance to create a new national motto, “Amerika uber alles” or reaffirm the one that has served our nation for 240 years, “E pluribus unum.”

Gus Nicholson

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