Vail Daily letter: State’s right prevails |

Vail Daily letter: State’s right prevails

After reading the recent letter with concerns about the new marijuana laws, I felt as an Eagle County resident this was only one side of the argument that was being represented. Let us not forget that the whole state of Colorado approved the law (Amendment 64) last November, so residents everywhere knew what was coming.

This is where people who have concerns with the law should take a stand. There are many restrictions on the stores such as Buddy Sims posted. This will not only will aid law enforcement but will push out stores that don’t want to be legitimate.

The fact that there will be more stores for the local law enforcement to “deal with” is a fact. However, the increased revenue from these stores can aid law enforcement in the future with better technology and even more staff. This revenue will be generated for the whole state, schools as well as law enforcement.

As far as federal law goes, states are allowed to put laws in place even if they violate federal law. We have seen in past several years that there has been no issue between the state of Colorado and the federal government with the medical marijuana laws. This will be the same situation as the specific laws that are put in place will be followed. Otherwise, the store will be shut down. Many of these operations will stay the same, as they already adhere by these law.

The public should educate themselves about the change and be involved with their children about proper education. I was taught growing up that alcohol was for adults, a privilege to be had that comes with age. The new marijuana law is the same thing that now needs to be woven into that education.

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Sara Labishak


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