Vail Daily letter: Stick with Forest Service |

Vail Daily letter: Stick with Forest Service

I am staggered by the boldness of Battle Mountain Development Co., now Crave Community Co., to again propose a Meadow Mountain land swap. Eagle County residents and the Forest Service have already absolutely rejected this proposal. It is preposterous for Tim McGuire, Colorado director for Crave Community Co., to suggest that his company and Minturn have the resources, knowledge and skills to better manage and maintain Meadow Mountain then can the Forest Service.

Building $200,000 to $500,000 homes at the Martin Creek trailhead parcel would be a valuable contribution. Following through with developing an upscale neighborhood at Bolt’s Lake makes sense. Regarding the Battle Mountain land, possibly it can be traded for public land elsewhere in Colorado. To ensure Minturn continue to be surrounded by open space, they best stick with the Forest Service.

Lee Rimel

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