Vail Daily letter: Still plenty to do |

Vail Daily letter: Still plenty to do

Dear Cheryl (Peter, letter to the editor, May 1),

Did you ever stop and think that the vast majority of mountain employees need a break? Many of these same people you talk about scrambling around on unemployment have been working six days a week straight through the holidays. This is their Christmas, their time with their families and their time off. Ignoring the select few that do take a snobbish attitude, look past that and recognize that workers here need a break, buildings need maintenance and roads need repairs. We are still alive and many restaurants are still open. If someone comes here as a visitor they still have plenty of options and activities they can participate in. Lastly, the visitors that do come this time of year generally know what to expect and are here for the discounts.

Finally, if someone wants to judge me and think I am phony snob, let them. All that truly matters is what you think of yourself.

Elizabeth Berry

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