Vail Daily letter: Stop dissing snowboarders |

Vail Daily letter: Stop dissing snowboarders

I am a 61-year-old skier and snowboarder, and in my 46 years on the slopes I have been run into only once, by a skier. You propose designating separate areas for snowboarders (Letters to the Editor, Monday’s Vail Daily). I find it hard to believe that if your best friend was a snowboarder, you would prefer never being on the same run!

It seems to me that the real problem is two-fold and applies to both skiers and snowboarders: One, being out of control and, two, lacking courtesy if there is a collision. The solution may simply be education and Vail Resorts has plenty of signs and controls already in place. Everyone can learn to give others space, to choose appropriate runs for their skill level, and to learn to stop on a dime. And everyone should realize that they are responsible to avoid collisions and to make restitutions if a collision does occur, starting with the simple act of making sure that the other person is OK.

Every time that I hear a skier complaining about a snowboarder, it is obvious that the skier has never tried snowboarding. It really is lots of fun and people of all ages enjoy riding. You might want to try it. And then you can experience my biggest complaint on the mountain — skiers crowding snowboarders, especially on catwalks. Snowboarders cannot snowplow. Their only way to slow down is to turn. Try doing that when you’re sandwiched between oblivious skiers!

Susie Law


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