Vail Daily letter: Street lights are out

I know most in the valley don’t want to be reminded of this but it is true: The average age in the area is going up, and this has its good and bad aspects. Yes, there is good in this. For one, it means that we are staying active and healthy and want to and are able to live in this active, demanding environment. However, there is some bad, too, i.e. the aging process — enough said.

The reason for this letter is not directly our ages but the fact that many of us are not able to see as well in the dark as we used to, resulting a very solvable problem we have and that needs attention now! We all know that the short days of winter and the dark skies much of the month make it difficult and dangerous to drive at night. I have talked to many residents about this problem and most tell me they are disturbed about the lack of street lighting and that many of the lights that are installed are not always working. This is an easy and affordable problem to rectify. Please talk to our local officials and urge them to take action and make our valley safer.

Randy Guerriero

West Vail

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