Vail Daily letter: Strong leader |

Vail Daily letter: Strong leader

CPAs get the job done without fanfare, but those who know me have encouraged me to let my light shine.

For the last four years, I have been a strong voice when it comes to carefully managing the public funds entrusted to Colorado Mountain College. As a CPA, fraud deterrent analyst and master analyst in financial forensics, I created and lead our Audit Committee to ensure financial integrity, correcting many financial pitfalls in financial aid, employee reports and grants. I also created procedures to protect campus land and avoid future problems such as that experienced when Source Gas endeavored to use a CMC campus. As a nationally recognized court expert, I was able to help guide the college out of a precarious legal situation while protecting our public funds and keeping our students safe.

My background in legislative matters has been critically important to the college achieving new heights — our widely acclaimed new baccalaureate programs and the establishment of strong federal partnerships are providing more quality educational options than ever before. The more opportunities we provide, the better it is for students and the richer our communities become. My expertise and leadership skills will continue to position our college as the shining star it is; a place where every student, young and old, can learn, grow and find fellowship.

I have listened to many of you who, like me, disagreed with the former president’s severance agreement. I want to be clear that I did not vote to approve the severance. Indeed, in light of this, I re-committed myself to being a strong voice at the table, steadfast in my advocacy for ensuring the highest standards of financially responsible policies and practices that will safeguard our tax dollars in the manner in which they were intended, creating a quality higher educational institution that serves all its citizens with distinction and integrity.

Student success is my top priority and I will continue to work hard to serve you.

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I listen. I learn. I lead.

Mary Ellen Denomy

Battlement Mesa

Editor’s note: Denomy is running for re-election for the District 3 seat on the Colorado Mountain College board.

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