Vail Daily letter: Successful event |

Vail Daily letter: Successful event

On Feb. 19, the 5th Judicial District held its second Rural Resources Day for Couples and Families in the Court Process. The Vail Daily News covered the matter and published in an informative article on Feb. 25. We appreciate the support from the local newspaper.

The purpose of the event is to provide legal services, including access to volunteer attorneys, mediators and counselors, to assist parties going through the divorce process who likely would otherwise be unable to afford such services. Such an event takes great effort and dedication on the part of many. The dedicated court staff willingly commits substantial time and energy to this event, but what really makes it successful is the time and energy of the professionals who volunteer their time. Their time is extremely valuable and they receive nothing but our thanks for their efforts. They do it because they are dedicated to their profession and the belief that justice should be accessible to everyone.

On behalf of the entire 5th Judicial District, I would like to thank the following people who have volunteered for the Rural Resources Days:

Bryan Henry, Sara Evanczyk, Chris Tomchuck, Rohn Robbins, Teddi Ann Barry, Ryan Kalamaya, Katharine Orr, Bethanie Lindal, Melissa Decker, Holly Kasper-Blank and Hope Flores, Lea Ann Martinez, Ashley Burgemeister and Melissa Decker.

Paul Dunkelman

Eagle County District Court judge

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