Vail Daily letter: Successful exercise |

Vail Daily letter: Successful exercise

Last week, Eagle County Public Safety agencies participated in one of the largest full-scale disaster exercises that has ever been hosted in our county. The exercise was designed to meet the compliance needs of the airport and local area hospitals as well as to test new plans put into place in preparation for the Alpine World Ski Championships coming up in February. Exercises are conducted in our county every year but this one was different in terms of complexity and scope because of the sheer number of resources that was brought in for support and the extensive number of scenarios that were incorporated into this two-day exercise.

In particular, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the many volunteers who acted as victims and patients during the exercise. Volunteer actors provide a sense of realism to an exercise that cannot be achieved if simulating patients and victims. Volunteers came from around the county and as far away as Denver to help us in this endeavor.

Additionally, there were a multitude of exercise controllers and evaluators from around the state that were sponsored by their own agencies to come to Eagle County to provide exercise support and coordination. Without these many volunteers the coordination of an exercise of such large scale would have been extremely difficult to conduct on our own.

We are extremely grateful for all of the efforts of the agencies involved in the successful execution of such a grand endeavor. We can say with all sincerity that we are proud to work with such amazing professionals — our emergency response partners across the county, region and state!

Thank you!

Barry Smith

Eagle County Emergency Management

Stephanie Palmer

S3 Partnerships LLC

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