Vail Daily letter: Suggestions for Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Suggestions for Avon

I recently wrote various staff at the town of Avon the following emails, and I want to share them with the community.

This is to the transportation department with the town of Avon:

I just want to inquire with you regarding the Avon skier and restaurant shuttle service provided by the town of Avon. After riding the Blue Line many times last winter to try and connect with the skier shuttle (usually the times were off and the skier shuttle would leave as the Blue Line pulled in), I don’t understand why the skier shuttle doesn’t just come down the west road to Beaver Creek and include West Beaver Creek Boulevard in its route. Based on the Blue Line schedule it would add less than five minutes to the current route but provide service to hundreds if not thousands of residents that live along that road. Adding this service would also promote less driving around town, which is what the town seems to be looking to accomplish, and if the restaurant service is added, it could promote residents to go out and dine in Avon and Beaver Creek.

I would also like to see service added to Wildridge, at least to the “base” area so people could park and ride from Wildridge into town. And their kids could also just ride the bus to town and enjoy the park and make going to ski for the kids easier, encouraging our kids to get outdoors.

Also could we add a stop by Northside so residents that live up that road could use the bus on the way back from City Market instead of just having to walk?

Thanks for your time.

This is to the Parks department:

Hello, I am a resident of Avon and live around the lake. First off, I want to say you guys have done a wonderful job of bringing the community together in a great setting by providing the additional amenities at the park.

I just have two suggestions for the park

1. The shipping container should be moved into the “rough vegetation” area of the park so people can enjoy the shade provided by the three trees it’s under and it opens that grass area for people to enjoy.

2. Since the tee of No. 7 was moved, the patch of grass where it was originally has never been replaced and people still use it to start that hole, possibly causing another broken window at Lakin’s Bel Lago. I have already replaced a window on property at a cost of $380 and prefer not to go down that road again.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you in regards to this.

And this one to the communications manager for the town:

1. Increase skier bus to incorporate all of West Beaver Creek Boulevard in the route so the locals can ride the bus to work and to ski. Especially now that Beaver Creek is charging for parking this will be a great benefit for locals and visitors staying along Beaver Creek Boulevard in the core of the housing area for Avon valley floor.

2. Align the blue line bus to connect with the Beaver Creek parking shuttle, so when you get off the Beaver Creek shuttle you don’t just miss the connecting bus to make it home or to the store.

3. Get the police out into the park more walking around. This would build community relations with guests and locals using the park and give people an opportunity to meet our local law enforcement officers and build relationships. Currently, I see them patrolling the roads and the bars.

I would also like to include the fact that they want to put trees on a Beaver Creek Boulevard in the areas that are currently painted with Aspen leaves. This seems like a waste of money and distraction for drivers and bicyclists. Residents, please let you voice be heard — it’s a road, not a park!

Joe Shankland


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