Vail Daily letter: Suppes for state Senate |

Vail Daily letter: Suppes for state Senate

With the 2014 mid-term election ballots arriving soon, I want to share a few thoughts concerning Don Suppes.

I first met Don about 15 years ago. Long before I considered him my friend, I watched, and was pleased with, his sense of leadership and his dedication to the Western Slope people and their valued lifestyles. As a member of the media, it was my job to listen carefully and watch closely to see how elected officials conducted themselves. In my years as a journalist, Mr. Suppes never gave me any reason to question his actions or decisions.

I was impressed with the common sense and businessman’s insight I saw with every decision he made as mayor of Orchard City.

Orchard City has a secure financial future because of the insight Don has had as a leader in that community. Under Don’s leadership, Orchard City has maintained a positive balance sheet, has money in reserve, and has implemented a pay-as-you-go philosophy. This was done while preserving the farming and ranching values that are Orchard City.

In solving Orchard City’s water issues, Don has proven he understands, far better than most, the mechanics of obtaining, developing and maintaining Western Slope water and keeping it in Colorado.

Mr. Suppes has dedicated all of his adult life to serving, not only Orchard City. He has volunteered for countless boards, committees and public service endeavors. Mr. Suppes is very approachable, thoughtful, and in touch with the majority of the voters in his district. I have no doubt that you will find Don cares about everyone in his district, not just his campaign donors.

Mr. Suppes is a strong defender of our Western lands, our hunters, our fishermen, our outdoor tourists and our environment. He also understands that it is essential to the people on the Western Slope to have a vibrant economy and that part of that economy involves responsible development of oil and gas, as well as our coal resources.

Mr. Suppes has my full vote of confidence as the next senator for Colorado District 5, and I encourage everyone to give him that same confidence. He has earned it and will continue to earn it for you.

Lindy Gwinn


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