Vail Daily letter: Support ambulance tax |

Vail Daily letter: Support ambulance tax

To the voters of Eagle County:

There is a community of public servants in this valley often overlooked. A team of compassionate, world-class paramedics, who at every moment of every day and night are prepared to show up anywhere from your home, to a snowy mountain pass, to our wilderness areas. We are Eagle County Paramedic Services, and when the 911 system is activated, we are the ones you depend on. On our shoulders, in the backs of our ambulances, ultimately rests the weight of performing everything possible to save your child, your spouse, your grandparent, your best friend. We are not firefighters or law enforcement officers, but the often less-heralded crew alongside these other heroes of our community.

This May we are asking for your vote. We are asking for $30 per year on a $500,000 home; eight cents per day to maintain the quality coverage you expect. This is to maintain the excellence of service, the fastest possible response times, the best patient outcomes. Eight cents to ensure the best medical care arrives when you need it.

Eagle County voters, your public servants work hard to help you and your loved ones day in and day out. This spring, we need your help. I encourage everyone to vote in support of your firefighters, your law enforcement officers, and your ambulance service.

Jimmy Vonesh

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