Vail Daily letter: Support Amendment 66 |

Vail Daily letter: Support Amendment 66

I am writing to ask Eagle County voters to vote yes on Amendment 66 — yes for kids, my son and equality for the future of the Vail Valley, Colorado and our nation.

During the last legislative session, the Colorado legislature, our state elected representatives, passed Senate Bill 13-213. State Senator Mike Johnston, a Vail native, sponsored the bill. Amendment 66, which you’ll see on your ballot this November, funds Senate Bill 13-213.

I believe we are incredibly lucky to live in a place where education is highly valued. The Vail Symposium brings incredible programs and speakers; the Vail Valley Foundation secures and pays for world-class performers, sporting events and the arts — and employs numerous Vail Valley locals; and the Vail Leadership Council provide leadership education. These three institutions sustain their contributions to the valley because of community members who believe in and financially support the type of enrichment they provide.

In fact, there are more than 40 nonprofits in our valley, many funded primarily by our community. These philanthropic organizations provide educational, enrichment and mentorship services to children, adults and even animals. We live in a place with an incredible spirit of giving, desire for the best and track record of sustaining what we feel is important. I believe voting yes on Amendment 66 lives in the same vein of giving, fostering and caring for education, as we do for other educational pursuits and interests we contribute to in Eagle County.

I also understand, on the larger scale, the question of, “how and where will my money go?” If passed, the funds raised from Amendment 66, by law, will go directly into preschool through 12th-grade classrooms. I urge you to research and understand the history of education funding in Colorado, where our current per pupil funding is 49th in the nation, and learn more about the impact and accountability Amendment 66 provides, including reduced class sizes, more one-on-one attention for all students and assurance that new money is used only for education reforms or enhancements to existing programs.

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I encourage you to vote yes on 66.

Wendy Rimel

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