Vail Daily letter: Support Avon’s new town hall |

Vail Daily letter: Support Avon’s new town hall

I support approving the use of Certificate of Participation to finance the purchase. COPs have been used for many projects in Avon in the past and have not caused a tax increase or negatively impacted the town’s credit rating. Financial reserves are strong and the improving revenue from a growing Avon cover any funds required. Some specific economic activity strengthening the town’s financial position:

• Town East is looking great thanks to Hoffmann Properties; business is booming.

• Nineteen new homes have been approved just in Wildridge in the last year.

• Sheraton is running at 80 percent occupancy on a year round basis, higher than almost every other Sheraton property in the U.S.

• Completion of the Traer Creek water tank means development will restart in the Village at Avon.

• More special events in Nottingham Park will substantially increase sales and lodging tax flow.

• West Avon Preserve is becoming recognized by mountain bikers as a “draw” for many destination visitors.

Now the reason I want the Skier Building to be the center of Avon:

• First floor will be a community center, a place to bring residents together for many purposes.

• A community center will give the town a sense of place and serve all residents.

• It will put people working and visiting town hall on the new mall every day.

• It addresses the problem of not having a vibrant town center.

Keep Avon moving forward!

Fran Micka


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