Vail Daily letter: Support Gypsum fire |

Vail Daily letter: Support Gypsum fire

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest which had a volunteer fire department when I was young. The local newspaper routinely would print information about what the volunteer fire chief was doing to maintain or improve upon the fire rating that property insurance companies had assigned to our small town. It was important to everyone in the community to have a good fire rating since property insurance premiums for homes and business structures alike benefited from a good fire rating.

I have lived in Colorado for over 40 years and I still get my hometown newspaper. The fire department in my small hometown has a paid fire chief now and better equipment than years ago but the attention to keeping favorable fire ratings by property insurance companies is still being written about in my hometown newspaper. Response times, manpower and adequate equipment all factor into the fire insurance ratings that are important to every homeowner and business owner.

Firemen (now also called first responders) are now trained to fight fires, quickly and safely extract people from wrecked cars and provide limited medical treatment. Supporting Gypsum fire is really supporting your own self-interest.

I am writing this letter as I am considering buying a home and either a business or commercial property in Gypsum. Response times and insurance ratings are important factors in my decision and I suspect it is important to many others.

Jerry Kempf


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