Vail Daily letter: Support new trails in Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Support new trails in Avon

Hello, my name is Chris Anthony. I grew up in the valley and have lived in the Seasons of Avon for around 30 years. I have recently heard about the addition of new mountain bike trails surrounding our little town. I can’t express how excited I am about this as well as how important this is to who we are and what we represent. We are a town hosted by an amazing environment that would like to share itself with us to enjoy and take care of. Which brings me to the first point. I find when people can take advantage of the land they are more committed to taking care of it. A majority of our population has moved here to enjoy the lifestyle we have not only marketed but built our lives around. I’m always confused by the few that have move here and bring their habits from wherever they came from and try to change this culture. The ones that complain, which is the few and very loud, while the majority sits silently. I’m referring to the few that might oppose this improvement for their own selfish reasons. And that is exactly what that is, selfish. They serve so few. We are not a selfish community. In fact, we are community that shares and takes care of our surroundings as well as our own. In doing so we have a responsibility to grow this part of us. Trail system connects those that want to take care of the environment and share it. Trails bring communities together.

I have a youth project in the valley. One of the amazing things that I have learned is how few of our youth do get out there and understand the surroundings. This is another way to place in it, provide education and create early adapters to take care of it.

Please support this wonderful addition to the valley

Chris Anthony

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