Vail Daily letter: Support wilderness bill |

Vail Daily letter: Support wilderness bill

We are lucky. Not just a little lucky, but possibly some of the luckiest individuals on earth today. This spectacular valley that we call home is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. The recreational opportunities we have access to are pined over (no pun intended) in other less-lucky corners of the world.

The Vail Valley became the vibrant economic and recreational center that it is due to these abundant natural areas that surround us. Ask any resident what they are doing on any given day and I bet the answer includes some sort of foray out into the wilds that surround the town. Due to pressures from continued development throughout Colorado, it is becoming increasingly important to protect these resources for the enjoyment and benefit of many future generations to come.

I am writing in support of Rep. Jared Polis’ proposed Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act and am requesting the continued support of the Vail Valley community in the passage of this bill.

This wilderness proposal is unlike other proposals that residents of the Eagle Valley have seen in the past. It has the support of businesses and organizations throughout the state of Colorado that engage in a wide spectrum of interests. When the Wilderness Act was passed in 1964, many of the recreational activities that are commonplace now were in their infancy or had yet to be conceived. These modes of recreation have allowed many users to enjoy the wilderness at their own pace and connect with these spectacular areas in new, innovative ways.

The Wilderness Act is still the strongest basis of protection our public lands have, the main concern being to protect the areas in their primitive state “untrammeled by man.” The Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act proposes to protect these special and serene places as well as allowing for various other recreational activities previously barred from these lands by introducing new special management areas. These special management areas will allow access to trails and areas already used by these groups and ensure their forms of recreation can create new trails in the future. This is a true glimpse into the future of wilderness management and protection of our most valuable resources.

I highly recommend that you pledge your support and check out the proposal at their website, It is a win-win for all residents and visitors to the Colorado High Country and will ensure our recreational and ecological future for generations to come.

Clay Walberg

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