Vail Daily letter: Support wilderness effort |

Vail Daily letter: Support wilderness effort

Over 40 years ago the idea for Earth Day was originally conceived by Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson to heighten awareness around industrial practices that were destroying our natural environment. While there are still an overwhelming amount of environmental threats and disasters, it brings me great pleasure that on this past Earth Day, Eagle County Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry and Summit County Commissioner Karn Stiegelmeier spoke out in favor of Congressman Jared Polis’ Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act. This community-driven effort aims to secure permanent protection for nearly 60,000 acres of the White River National Forest, including lands surrounding Freeman and Spraddle creeks.

The Congressman’s proposal also includes protections for mountain biking in the Tenmile Range along with many other special places where solitude and spiritual revival can be found. I urge others to take a moment and reflect upon the fact that if it weren’t for the vision and foresight of the leaders who came before us, our valley would look much different today. Please join me in supporting this effort, and by doing so you will be helping to leave a true legacy for all those who come after us. Please visit and sign the petition today.

James Carullo

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