Vail Daily letter: Tale of two conventions |

Vail Daily letter: Tale of two conventions

Cleveland and Philadelphia — ’tis a “Tale of Two Cities,” and a harbinger of a revolution to come in our time and place, not of the Paris of yesteryear (circa 1789)! As I watched the GOP and DNC conventions, in that order, I was reminded of the plight of the American middle class under the corrupt and elitist administration of Obama/Clinton and its similarity to the that of the French peasantry under the aristocratic regime of Louis XVI. Now, it is our age of discontent, or as Dickens more eloquently put it, “It was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” The messages that these two conventions convey in our day is so glaring, so disparate, and so ominous that the consequences of choice between the two candidates in running presage whether this republic continues to exist, and literally, whether we will live or die.

Cleveland brought forth Donald Trump as its answer for change, and to rectify the ineptitude, fecklessness and corruption of the past eight years. Trump is literally an unknown quantity in the political world, but brings into the equation a return to capitalism, unfettered private property rights, and the curtailment of governmental intrusion into what once was a free marketplace. Cleveland also displayed the American flag for all to see, a police presence that not only protected the delegations in attendance, but also the anti-Trump protesting mobs from the liberal quarter. The entire GOP presentation was orderly, stable, safe and law abiding, which forebodes what Trump would bring to the national arena were he elected to the high office. There definitely would be a return of the forgotten working man of the middle class, there would be a return and invocation of the rule of law, and there definitely would be an end to ISIS with that kind of blood in our streets. The “how” of it all is unknown, but the “Trump will” to do it is there in force, and that is reassuring.

The final episode of this tale is written by the emails of the DNC and mainstream media in Philadelphia about a rigged and bogus election process that inserted Hillary as the “candidate” in the stead of Bernie, what with “super-delegates,” Debbie’s duplicity, and Hillary’s incessant fabrications parroted by a fawning and disingenuous media. Hillary is a known quantity; ergo, what we have seen and experienced in the past and what we will receive in the future would be the same stagnation, dangers and insolvency. Philadelphia’s presentation evinced a mob-scene division between two warring factions, more protests within and outside of the convention venue, mindless and inane promises of change from the debacles of the past eight years by the same shills that fomented the problems in the first place, and now assert that they will carry on with the social banner of progressivism. There were no Republicans protesting in the streets calling for the murder of cops or chanting that one color matters over another. For, you see, there was no American banner (flag) at this convention as that would have been politically offensive to those who hate Americana, albeit, some furtively appeared after the second day. I did see a Palestinian flag, though. There were numerous accolades and protests that promoted race diversity wealth redistribution (also known as theft). There was no recognition for the roles that the military and police forces at play in our society. Ergo, the rule of law and its founding charter (Constitution) were “on holiday” at this convention, since the mob ruled the day, and the fix was in by the Democratic elite; and this is a portrait of “Hillary’s America” that will come to be were you to vote unwisely.

The difference between the American revolution and that of the French is that the former was fought to install a rule of law that promoted liberty and a free market for opportunity to flourish. American blood was only shed by the British (and a few Indians) during that conflagration of 1776. But the French revolution of 1789 brought forth a “reign of terror” where French blood was spilled by Frenchmen, and where one dictatorial entity was replaced by another. The history of the French revolution portends a similar destiny for our America were Hillary to secure the presidency, if I read the tea leaves right. Her disregard and ignorance of the law, her ineptitude in the official offices she has held in the past, and her abject dishonesty all but guarantee more American blood in the streets in addition to that contributed by ISIS. One consolation though — “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” (Jefferson).

Fredric Butler

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