Vail Daily letter: Tear down those shutters |

Vail Daily letter: Tear down those shutters

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” … famous words by Ronald Reagan. It took some months, but it happened. The will of the people was finally listened to, and responded to. The Berlin Wall was torn down.

So I say to you, “Mr. Hoffmann, tear down those shutters.” Listen to the residents and neighbors of Chapel Square: Take down those shutters. Listen to the previous, unanimous decision of the Avon planning and zoning commission: Take down those fake shutters, as they don’t fit the character of the town nor Chapel Square as a whole, which includes Building B. Listen to the unanimous decision of the Avon Town Council: Take down those shutters.

Chapel Square is more than just your commercial properties but is also many people’s homes. Did you respond to all this input in a positive way? No! You sued the town.

Neither party wanted a lawsuit. So, you proposed to our town manager to change the shutters to solid red. That this would somehow clear up all the other objections cited by the community, residents, P&Z and the Town Council is amazing.

This was proposed to the town manager. The same town manager who “forgot” to have the numerous negative emails about the shutters provided to the Town Council at the outset of a previous meeting. If it hadn’t been for a sharp HOA board member having copies of the all the emails, the Town Council would never have seen them. The meeting was delayed so they could be provided to the Town Council members.

This same town manager thought it was a good idea, the red shutters, that this could fix everything. It should be presented to the P&Z. The town manager wasn’t required to contact all the interested parties of the P&Z meeting, and didn’t, even though there had been numerous discussions. No employee of the town, nor the town manager herself, informed any off us, and therefore we didn’t attend. There was basically no opposition to the shutters proposal. And magically, it passed.

What did we hear? The town manager was very upset with her staff that none of them contacted any of us. Of course that included herself. I don’t know if they were instructed to contact us and then disobeyed her or not. She was very, very apologetic. And, oh by the way, too bad, the decision has been made, there is no changing it.

A question to the Avon Town Council: Are you going to accept a decision that reeks like this?

So I say again Mr. Hoffmann, take down those shutters.

To end on a positive note: Thanks for hanging up the holiday lights on the few remaining trees in Chapel Square that you didn’t cut down.

Wayne Hanson

Resident of Chapel Square and Avon

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