Vail Daily letter: Terrific trio |

Vail Daily letter: Terrific trio

After so many years of service, I would like to tout the outstanding work of three of the trustees of Colorado Mountain College: Ken Brenner, Dr. Robert “Bob” Taylor and Kathy Goudy. In the history of CMC, I don’t think that there have been three more dynamic and effective trustees at the college. They have been the driving force to create a living, breathing strategic plan, ensure we have outstanding auditors to guide our finances, steer the course of legislative initiatives that benefit the college, ensure community courses are offered and outstandingly enhance the future of our college. They have tirelessly and selflessly driven the college at breakneck speeds into the future, all with the students and communities being the focus and the benefactors of their energy. There are still so many projects that they have initiated such as overhauling our technology and enriched community outreach that will make Colorado Mountain College the envy of the nation. Know that all of our communities and I am so grateful for all you do, Ken Brenner, Bob Taylor and Kathy Goudy.

Mary Ellen Denomy

Trustee, Colorado Mountain College

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