Vail Daily letter: Thank you, Eagle County |

Vail Daily letter: Thank you, Eagle County

On behalf of the team members and board of directors for Eagle County Paramedic Services, I’d like to thank everyone in the county who took the time to vote in the May 3 elections and specifically those of you who voted on the Eagle County Paramedic Services ballot for the mill levy increase and board member positions. The voter turnout was amazing, and we are very appreciative for your support of the increase, which will allow us to continue to provide the extremely high level of care you receive and deserve when you need it most. The people in our organization take tremendous pride in the jobs they do every day and work diligently to ensure they are among the highest qualified practitioners in the business.

That being said, the organization recognizes the vote for the increase passed by a very slim margin — 2,780 in favor, 2,756 against, so 24 votes! The strong opposition could, of course, be for many reasons; however, rest assured it did not go unnoticed. Our organization is not only committed to providing the best possible ambulance service and patient care available anywhere, but being competent stewards of your tax dollars and strong partners in our communities. Efforts in all these arenas take place with regular frequency, and we strive to improve every single day.

I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to also thank the entire team at Eagle County Paramedic Services and Dan Smith for their tireless efforts to make sure our story was told during the last several weeks, which was instrumental in our success.

Thank you once again for your support and trust!

Jeffrey Babb

Chairman, board of directors, Eagle County Health Services District

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