Vail Daily letter: Thank you, Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: Thank you, Eagle

I would like to thank the people of the town of Eagle for allowing me to take their interest and concerns to our board meetings for the past 10 years.

What a privilege to have been involved with so many great interest for the town, of course some not so great. As the quiet guy on the board I would like to list some of the greatest:

• Assisted with the start of the Eby Creek Roadway improvements and leaving the board with it almost done. 10 years in the planning and construction.

• Assisted in accomplishing Broadway Streetscape.

• Assisted in the new stage in Town Park and beautification of the park.

• Communication with the town of Gypsum board.

• Part of the board negotiating the cost share with Gypsum, still here to see it go away.

• Assisted county and town in the efforts to get the Eagle River Center built at the fairgrounds.

• Negotiating and money toward the Castle Peak Senior Center.

• Assisted in upper and lower water treatment plant.

• Was part of the first marketing committee, to see where it is now.

• Watched Eagle lose a chamber, gain a One Eagle, to see a great chamber now.

• Condemnation on a small area, some 10 square feet on Brush Creek Road, for a new sidewalk. All we had to do was guarantee that the tree in that area would survey for at least three years. That tree is still alive and doing well. Thanks, Stephanie, for this ☺

• Assisted in relocation of the community gardens.

• Assisted in getting new tennis courts in the present location.

• Assisted in getting a BMX track.

• Assisted with the realignment of Brush Creek Road.

• Around to see our budget drop by around 30 to 40 percent, loss of jobs for employees, but still keep town services working during that time.

I am sure that I missed many items, but have had a great time here working for the great people of the town of Eagle. Working with all the different board members that I served with, Jon, Roxie, Paul, Kraige, Ed, Jay, Steven, Scot Hunn, Scot and Scott, thank you all. Thanks again, town of Eagle, for your years of support, friendship and trust.

Thank you to my family; Mary, Brittany, Sheree and Aaron.

Please come out and vote again for the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, W. Mikel “Pappy” Kerst, last name on the ballot, on May 6 at the Western Eagle County Recreation District Ice Rink.

W. Mikel “Pappy” Kerst


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