Vail Daily letter: Thank you, Vail Resorts |

Vail Daily letter: Thank you, Vail Resorts

I am in the unique position of having been employed by Vail Resorts for the last 19 years as well as having the privilege to serve as the executive director for the Vail Valley Charitable Fund. As a VR employee and director of a local nonprofit organization, I am very aware of the positive impact that Vail Resorts makes in our community. When one thinks of Vail Resorts, their charitable giving may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Through their Echo program, Vail Resorts does a great deal to help our community by providing grants, in-kind support and sponsorships to various nonprofit organizations. The VVCF would like to publicly thank the Vail Resorts Echo Program for its support to our organization.

The VVCF is a local nonprofit organization established in 1996. The goal of our organization is to help those who have lived and worked in Eagle County for at least one year that are struggling financially due to an extreme medical situation. VVCF is able to offer funding to Eagle County locals because of generous public support, fundraising events, and partnerships with grant organizations such as Vail Valley Cares, United Way and the Vail Resorts Echo Program. Last year, we served 45 families and raised more than $400,000.

Additionally, we run the Eagle County Smiles program, which offers dental assistance to children in our community that need dental care, but do not have dental insurance or the means to pay for dental care. In 2013, we served 146 children in our community. The support from the Echo Program is vital to the success of this program.

The Echo Program also provides support for our annual fundraising events including the VRD Summer Solstice Trail Run, the LG Tri, the BecTri, and the Oktoberfest Shuffle. These events provide a platform where we can tell the story of the VVCF and increase fundraising efforts for the organization.

The grants, partnership, and in-kind support received from the Vail Resorts Echo program enables the VVCF to continue to help families experiencing medical crisis as well as those children that need dental care. We are grateful that Vail Resorts offers the Echo Program to support local nonprofits so that we can, in turn, support our local community.

Thank you, Vail Resorts Echo, for your support and partnership!

Michelle Maloney

Executive director, Vail Valley Charitable Fund

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