Vail Daily letter: Thank you, Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Thank you, Vail

Dear Vail Citizens,

I join you in congratulating new Town Council members Jenn Bruno, Dave Chapin and Dale Bugby and thank you for allowing me to represent Vail the last four years. Even though losing an election is never easy my sense of accomplishment supersedes any short-term regret. Looking back over Vail’s 50-year history I am one of the fortunate few having had the honor of being elected to the Vail Town Council.

In an election, defined by a golf course controversy, it is a fitting coincidence that the first vote tally showed I lost re-election by a mere 19 votes; ironic because a clubhouse is commonly referred to as the 19th hole. The golf course has divided the community and now it is time to pull back together and stop all the negativity and divisiveness. During the election cycle, the incumbents and the new candidates heard loud and clear the community expects communication and listening skills to improve. I had hoped to be part of the solution but am confident this mandate will be embraced by the next council.

In life we win some and we lose some. When we fall down we get back up, dust ourselves off and get on to the next challenge. My focus will now return to providing Vail with the best little ski and snowboard museum in the world, planning for the festivities surrounding the ski races during the 2015 Alpine World Championships and fully enjoying the next nine months as the mother of the bride to be.

Best wishes and thank you Vail!

Susie Tjossem

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