Vail Daily letter: Thankful for response |

Vail Daily letter: Thankful for response

My husband and I have lived in this community all of our lives, 40-plus years. We have raised our four children here who are all now young adults, three sons and a daughter.

A month ago, we were struck by a tragedy — a parent’s worst nightmare — two of our sons were in a deadly car crash. Our condolences have gone out to the family who lost their son. Surprisingly, our sons lived through this horrific experience and amazingly are both in rehabilitation now! Our hearts are full of love and appreciation and we truly want to take this time to extend a huge thank you to our most loving family and friends. Thank you to all of our employers and coworkers. Thank you to each and every single emergency responder and VVMC — your expertise and care has touched our hearts in a very personal way. You all are awesome!

It’s a blessing to be a part of a close-knit community who cares about each other and we are nothing but grateful to one and all for the huge monetary donations we’ve received, the encouraging words, visits, cards — again, we are most thankful to everyone!

Dennis and Mari-jo Valdez and family

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