Vail Daily letter: Thanks for career information |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks for career information

We would like to thank the following individuals who took time out of their busy days to come talk to students about their respective jobs/careers. These individuals were caring, knowledgeable, engaging, relatable and very approachable with our students. Some of these wonderful people are participating in mentorships with our students as well.

Andy Johnson, Robert Hermosillo, Mike Vaughan, Kacee Picot, Justin Martin, Jen Eaton, Cassidy Richards, Cesar Castillo, Chalky White, Brett Harper, Lou Walker, Erik Garcia, David Vogt, Joe Hoy, Jason Spannagel, Mirta Reyes and Stephanie Whitmarsh. Thank you so much for giving back and making an impression!

Our students at both of the Edwards and Eagle campuses thoroughly enjoyed hearing about different aspects of your jobs, and learning about potential careers they may not have known even existed! You are giving back to our community in a substantial way and we appreciate the time and efforts.

If anyone would like to mentor, come in and speak, or work out a paid or unpaid internship with one of our students, please call one of us at 328-2850 or 328-2855.

Therese White and Debby Beard

Red Canyon High School

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