Vail Daily letter: Thanks for help |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks for help

The Seasons at Avon Residential Association offers our highest praise to the outstanding men and women of the Eagle River Fire Protection District and the Avon Police Department.

The evening of Dec. 15, Avon Fire Station 7 responded to an alarm that turned out to be not a fire, but an entirely different disaster in the form of a large sprinkler line bursting within the building. This pipe break pushed water into the second and third floors of the west tower, the elevator, and the first floor of the building. This event shut down TV8 and damaged several residential units and commercial offices in the building.

Fire personnel quickly identified the problem and mobilized forces to ensure residents in the building were safely evacuated while also shutting off electrical power to the west tower due to the flooding. It was especially gratifying to see how they took charge of the situation while gently and compassionately helping elderly residents understand that it was not safe for them to remain in their units. They then assisted in the retrieval of medications and other essential items to take to their temporary quarters.

Fire and police personnel worked throughout the night and next day with property management staff, water damage mediation firms, town of Avon personnel, and others to contain damage and to ensure building services could be restored as soon as possible.

It is gratifying to know that such outstanding and knowledgeable professionals serve the town of Avon. Their work has helped the Seasons to return to nearly full operations as quickly as possible during the holiday season.

With grateful thanks,

The Seasons at Avon Residential board of directors

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