Vail Daily letter: Thanks for help |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks for help

The Eagle Valley and surrounding communities recently came together at 4 Eagle Ranch to support the Scott family of Burns who had a huge cattle loss at their ranch. It was an evening filled with smiles, laughter and tears. Families came with the great-grandparents down to newborns, old friends getting re-acquainted after a busy summer, and strangers came and gave with generous hearts.

4 Eagle Ranch opened its doors and hundreds of folks from Fort Collins to Grand Junction to the Yampa Valley filled the ranch’s main hall and spent the evening visiting, dancing and giving of themselves to help this local family. And the food! Two long tables stretched down the room and were filled with treasured family potluck dishes lovingly prepared. It was a sight!

This fundraising event would not have been this successful without Chris Emmer of 4 Eagle Ranch. There simply isn’t a nicer person to work with. The local newspapers, The Vail Daily and Eagle Valley Enterprise, and the country radio station KSKE did a great job getting the word out. Jeffrey Cash, “Superman” and Janet Thrasher at KSKE are quite the team. Great energy there! The Harris and Lee Band and the Green Ridge Ramblers played wonderful music all evening. This valley is lucky to have these talented musicians. Auctioneer Jac Laman kept the bidding going fast and furious with bidders winning the most fabulous donations from our local businesses, tradesmen, outfitters, craftsmen and artists. We truly wish we could name each of them in this letter. Please be sure and buy locally. Visit your local businesses and use the services of our tradesmen and local recreation providers. They can take you on a float trip, guide you hunting for big game, take you to the backcountry on horseback. These guys really know what they’re doing, can show you an unforgettable time, and can keep you safe! All these people are what makes our area really special.

Everyone we came into contact with about this event were just so nice. Remy Velez at Corky’s Gas Station in Eagle must have taken 10 fliers for the event, and each time acted as if it was the first one he’d been given. If you’ve never been to Corky’s, go there! If not too busy, they will pump your gas and clean your windows, just like in the old days.

Then there’s the generosity of the inmates at our Eagle County Jail. This is a perfect example of “what goes around comes around.” Kendra Scott and her daughter Kensie bring their dogs into the jail for therapy dogs. The inmates look forward to playing, holding and finding comfort in a dog’s gentle nature. So … when they heard about the event, they wanted to help. They wrapped utensils in napkins for 500 guests. Kay, the cook, with help from the working inmates, cooked hams, pork and beef for the dinner. A perfect circle of love.

Thank you to each and every one who attended the event and gave what they were able to give. During the evening, one of the ranch hands donated his rifle! The bartenders donated their tips! It was such a heartwarming evening that won’t be forgotten. There’s still an account open at Alpine Bank for donations. There are nice people there, too!

And lastly, a big thank you to friends on the planning committee: Abbe Batten, Audrey Gulick, Diane Bakken, Jennifer Downs, Jenny Leonetti, Kathy Chandler-Henry, Mary Stephens, Wendy Mann, and the guiding wisdom of Kendra Scott. Great things can happen when we simply do what Garth Brooks sings of — “Just people loving people”.

A million thanks to all.

Debra Dupree Batten

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