Vail Daily letter: Thanks for support |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks for support

The Vilar Guild is a volunteer organization serving the Vilar Performing Arts Center that strives to create an atmosphere of awareness and appreciation for the arts in our community. To further this goal, the Vilar Guild offers scholarships for local students interested in the performing arts and to nurture their passion for it.

The following outstanding students have received fall/winter scholarships totaling over $7,000 to further their passion in the performing arts: Azul Meza, Jacob Cummins, Beka Gershenoff, Katrina Kovacik, Reagan Lee, Julia Shay, Kyla Wolfe, Aidan Woodworth, Keller Woodworth, Katie Campbell, Bentley Kent, Calley Gottbehuet, Harry Jaffe, and Lesley Molinar.

We are so proud of all of these students.

The Vilar Guild is open to all members of the community. For more information or to join the Vilar Guild, send an email to or visit the Vilar Performing Arts Center website at Thank you all for the continued support as we raise the awareness of the importance of the performing arts in the lives of so many! Contact us for more information.

Marcia McCalden

Doreen Somers

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