Vail Daily letter: Thanks, Susie |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks, Susie

I was asked to write something about my friend Susie Davis, who stepped down as executive director of The Youth Foundation. Maybe you see this Susie, too:

I have two main loves in my life, my daughter Maya and son Matteo. Susie is godmother to them both. I ran for offices twice. Susie was my campaign manager both times. I am an executive director of a national charity serving youth. Susie is one of the nation’s best leaders of a charity.

MLK said, “Life’s most urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” Susie embodies it. I always refer to her as the Mother Teresa of the Vail Valley. I’ve sought her advisement as a politician cutting my teeth in the fight for social justice such as in early childhood development. She would listen so intently and say, “Don’t let them take away your power.” Because she has great integrity and resolve, others around her grow and strengthen to fight and serve.

Most people don’t look inward in their life. Even fewer don’t find ways to empower others to do the same so they may become better people. She has that.

Susie is always there for all in need. She alleviates their pain and suffering with her love and kindness. Her existence is simple: Be there for others in need. What more could one ask of themselves? Compassion is the Latin word “to suffer with others.” Susie sees the suffering and lessens it by her eternal mindfulness and care for them.

I have never heard an unkind word towards her or her of another person. She is one of the greatest gift of our valley and in our lives.

One of the her most compelling characteristics is her humility. She doesn’t need someone to validate her and she doesn’t need to validates herself. I believe it comes from her steadfast love and compassion providing her with abundant altruism

A leader can bring positive changes in the life of others and the community around them. Susie has done this for so many that she turns the saying “It takes a village” to she shepherded a village.

She has been given great challenges both personally and professional, but overcomes them with ease and poise. No one works so hard and complains so little. Her legacy occurs each day and, what seems to me, each moment. She does not need a nonprofit to lead or a platform to stand for. She lives it.

It’s selfish why I love Susie so much, because she has made me a much better person. She does this to everyone. She gets everyone. She can put herself in their shoes and make them happier and loved. I love you, Susie. “Thank you” is too simple to say.

Arn Menconi

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