Vail Daily letter: Thanks to jurors |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks to jurors

I would like to wish a very merry Christmas to Joe Kirwin and the Eagle County District Attorney’s Office. On this week, one year ago, after months of investigations, and thousands of tax dollars wasted, I was acquitted of all felony charges against me by a jury of my peers. Even after trying to assist in the investigation by sending video of a Nevada maniac trying to kill my wife and me with his vehicle while we were on vacation, Joe Kirwin insisted that he had an open and shut case. He even asked me to plead guilty to a felony, asking me if I wanted to “roll the dice” and take a chance on 12 years in a Colorado prison.

If not for the best attorney in Colorado, Burt Levin, said video, and 12 fine, sane citizens of Eagle County, we would have surely lost. The good people of Colorado should really investigate the District Attorney’s Office, and see how many other cases there are, just like mine, where taxpayer dollars are wasted in the pursuit of charges that don’t have merit.

I want to give thanks to those 12 jurors, who didn’t know me from Adam, on listening to the facts, watching the video, and listening to the testimony of all involved to find in their hearts what my family and I knew all along: I was an innocent man protecting my wife from a man intent on killing us.

My wife (this was her first trip to Colorado) and I loved Colorado, and look forward to returning there to enjoy the scenic beauty that brought us to your state in the first place.

Scott Hunter

Conway, Ark.

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