Vail Daily letter: Thanks to Vail Ski Patrol |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks to Vail Ski Patrol

Recently I had the misfortune of falling on Vail Mountain and breaking my right shoulder and left ring finger. No collision, just one of the hazards of skiing.

This was the bad part. The good part was the incredible work done by Vail Mountain ski patrollers, Brandon Schad and Mike Floyd. Working as a team, they secured my wounded shoulder, reassured me that I was going to be all right, loaded me comfortably in the transport sled and skillfully skied me down the mountain to the emergency vehicle that took me to the medical center. All along the way they explained what was happening, what terrain to expect and what they were doing. Their professionalism, teamwork and compassion help make an embarrassing and painful situation much more tolerable. On behalf of all Vail Mountain skiers, I’d like to thank Brandon and Mike and all Vail Mountain patrollers for all the things they do everyday to make skiing safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Jody Burnette


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